My name is Mathew Haupt and I’m running for US Senate.

I believe in healing and I believe in love. These are more than concepts and should be part of the consciousness in our national, state and local politics. I believe in personal liberties, especially sovereignty over one’s body. I believe in the right to use plant and fungi medicine for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I believe in being a custodian of nature and preserving the beauty of our natural world for generations to come. The ineptitude of our Federal legislators indicates that we need more than two choices to represent us. We need legislators who carry the burden of common sense and practice the mindfulness necessary to create safe communities for families of all faiths and beliefs. What we have now are legislators who can’t answer questions and only fight each other and call the other side “radicals” and “extremists.”

Mark, Martha, and Campaign B.S.

In one corner, “The Radical Left”, in the other corner, “Right-wing Extremists.”

So then, Democrats + Republicans = Radical Extremists?

Is anybody tired of the constant fighting yet? If Congress was a company, it would go under because they don’t do their jobs. How about passing a budget so we don’t go through the yearly suspense of a possible government shutdown? What happened? Why is Congress so dysfunctional? I suspect it has to do with the two controlling parties. As an Industrial Engineer, I’m willing to get in there, find the bottlenecks and get it functioning again. But, we all have to quit putting the same parties in there.

Which of these parties feeds your anger and adrenaline so you can feel good and right… or left? They’re both the same. Take a look:

Oh, no! Mark’s bad for healthcare!

What are you saying, Martha? Mark is really going to poison us? Nice job making him look demonic.

Oh, no! Martha’s bad for healthcare!

What are you saying, Mark? Martha is a two-faced liar? Nice job finding that awful picture of her.

Is this really who you want representing you?

The two parties take your vote for granted and in return you get more fighting and gridlock. This lack of respect for themselves, each other and you tells me that we need other choices. We deserve better than hate.

I propose we make a study of it.

When you vote me in, I’ll report daily to you through blogs and vlogs on what’s really going on. Is the US Senate run ethically or by donation? Let’s find out what the problems are. It’s a job. A Senator’s salary is $174,000 and the President’s is $400,000. Millions of dollars are spent to put these people in seats. There are far better causes for this money. Are any of them really making decisions based on optimum solutions for the betterment of the citizenry?