Border Wall

The border wall is a desecration on sacred land and an ecological disaster.

Thank you to Indigenous Peoples for showing us the way. On October 9, 2020, the O’Odham Anti Border Collective (@AntiBorderCollective) hosted the “Rally Against the Wall” event at Armory Park in Tucson. I am very honored to have attended. Thank you for sharing your stories and for teaching us a better way.

We are worthy of more than the wall. The wall is a travesty and an ecological disaster. It is a desecration on sacred land. Many people don’t understand the holiness of the ground upon which they walk. Many people see the desert as a wasteland; they don’t see the precious balance from the microbiome in the soil to the predator birds in the sky and everything in between. A balance that has taken millions of years to achieve. We are blessed with magical plants like the Saguaro, the Mesquites, the Palo Verdes, the Agaves and the mysterious night blooming Cereus. We are blessed with magical animals like the coyote, reptiles of many varieties, birds and bats and bees and even the javelina. I see the javelina as a magical animal which spreads the seeds from the desert fruits they eat. In my county, not only does the wall threaten the San Pedro river, but Howard Buffet has spent much money poisoning the borderland with herbicide developed by Dow chemical to kill our sacred and mighty mesquites, cactus and agave. Many of us wonder what’s wrong with some people? Why don’t they get it? But we can’t forget that We are One. 

We have to love this wall. We have to love this wall for what it’s teaching us. It’s waking us up. It’s teaching us to love each other and the earth we walk upon even more than we did before. It’s teaching us that We are One. Our government’s purpose for this wall is to divide, and the function it is serving is death and destruction. Thank you wall for teaching us that we can only create destruction when we build on Mother Earth in the absence of love. Thank you wall for bringing us together. 

I don’t want this wall simply torn down. I want this wall mindfully and gently removed and the materials repurposed as best we can. Putting it up has already caused so much damage that removing it can only be a healing process for us and Mother Earth. 

The wall is a manifestation of our nation’s dis-ease. The cause of our dis-ease is the way we treat one another. We must recognize that the wall symbolizes the division our politicians would wedge between the people of one nation under Creator. Most people have fallen into the trap of choosing a side. Each side sells packaged and opposing political beliefs. Each side really only sells us fear, trying to convince us that if only our side wins, then we can finally make things better. Fear and division are all we are being sold. The two parties are the same in this regard. Both parties allowed this wall to be erected. 

Why are we always voting for the lesser of two evils? Let’s stop voting for evil in the first place. Our system is not a two-party system, unless we let it be. There are plenty of good people more qualified to represent you than the puppets backed by millions of dollars for a simple government job. Let’s stop treating each other as either us or them. A vote for either is only more of the same constant fighting over issues that mask the root cause of our dis-ease. Even pollution and global warming are byproducts of our lack of respect for ourselves and our brothers and sistars. This wall is a product of the self-perpetuating, conflict hungry battle between two extreme points of view. 

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Your ballot is no exception. Stop buying into the two-party conflict if you want things to get better. Independent and 3rd party candidates deserve a chance. A 3rd party vote is never a wasted vote. Albert also said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I believe everyone of us are miracles ourselves and capable of making miracles. I believe this wall will be removed. We are powerful! We are One! I love each and every one of you.