Political issues should not be a package deal. We need more Independent and 3rd party candidates to break the deadlock and share new ideas.

Top Issues

Cease construction of border wall and remove existing construction. It seems almost crazy to have to explain how bad this wall is. This wall is blind to the environment and sacred land, but we are not. Do you know where your great, great, great grandmother was buried? The O’Odham people do and this wall desecrates their land. How about we put a wall through Arlington National Cemetery? Do you really think anybody wants to trek for hundreds of miles through the desert? Walls and hatred are not solutions to global socioeconomic problems.

Environmental protections. The children are demanding we do something. We ARE having an effect on the environment as we pollute our rivers, the air, and land through unsustainable production processes that feed lifestyles out of sync with nature. I would like to see a strong EPA, but it’s not just the government’s fault. We can make better choices and demand that what remains be protected.

Descheduling of plant medicine, not just cannabis. The Controlled Substances Act is an affront to human rights and was used to discriminate. The law, not the compounds in these holy plants, has damaged millions of lives and needlessly added to our incarceration rates. The law also tramples on religious freedom. I would see all plants and fungi legalized for adults and criminal records expunged. This would also have a huge beneficial effect on criminal justice reform.

Police reform. First, Accountability, plain and simple. Second, stop militarizing the police.

Other Issues

There are many other important issues, but we must come to some resolution. How much longer are we going to keep fighting about abortion, health care, and guns?

Outlawing abortion does’t stop abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion (hopefully). The two sides are pro-choice and pro-no-choice. Just because it is protected doesn’t mean that every woman is going to get an abortion. If you know any woman going through this choice, offer your gentle support as you help her consider her options.

Health care is a billing system. It is not a wellness system. ONLY you can manage your own wellness. The overlooked element is healing. Nobody can heal you except you. In some cases doctors can help, but they can only offer scalpels or drugs. Don’t expect the healthcare system to keep you well. The healthcare system should simply help with costs. We can be healthier as a nation, but that means choosing healthier lifestyles and diets.

Guns. Not going away. Let’s do focus though on mental health and removing stigma. The hypocrisy here is defending gun rights by declaring gun violence a mental health issue, but treating drug problems as criminal. Misuse of guns and addiction to dangerous drugs are both issues of spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. (Plant and fungi medicine are not dangerous drugs.)